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Troubleshooting - Media Is Not Detected

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Problem Description

Firestreamer-RM does not detect media or connect to the media drive.

Troubleshooting Recommendations

Check the Activity tab of the Firestreamer-RM Control Panel first.

IMPORTANT: It may take several minutes to format blank optical media at the beginning of the backup. During this operation, the light on your media drive may not indicate any activity, however, the media is actually being prepared. Please be patient.

Make sure that:

  • Firestreamer-RM is enabled.
  • The current media type is enabled.
  • You use supported media.
  • You use DVD-RAM or DVD+R/RW media, as opposed to DVD-R/RW.
  • HDD media is properly prepared.
  • You follow the backup and restore instructions. In particular, you need to select IBM 3480 as the backup type, as opposed to File.
  • You do not have incompatible third party software installed.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Backup is not locking the Firestreamer-RM virtual tape drive.

If the above does not help, create a diagnostic log file and send it to us.


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