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FAQs - Data Encryption

This page answers the following frequently asked questions. See also the complete list of FAQs.

For more information, see Data Encryption.

How strong is the encryption?

The FIPS-197 AES 256 bit encryption algorithm is recommended for use by U.S. Government organizations and sufficient to protect classified information up to the TOP SECRET level. More...

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How do I know the encryption is properly implemented and trustworthy?

The source code of the utility that reads Firestreamer-RM media with the standard Windows Crypto API is available for download and can be verified by independent experts.

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How do I reuse encrypted media with a new password or when the password is lost?

If the current password does not match the media password, you will not be able to overwrite the media by performing a new backup, as the Backup Utility will fail trying to verify the current media content. To overcome this, you need to move the media to the Free media pool before performing a backup.

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I lost my password. How do I recover my encrypted data?

Without the password, it is virtually impossible to decrypt your data.

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