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Firestreamer-RM Control Panel - Media

The Media tab displays the status of the current media.

Current media

Type Displays the media type, drive letter, device name or file name of the current media.
Label Displays the label assigned to the current media by Removable Storage.
Encryption Displays the encryption algorithm used for the current media.
Compression ratio When a backup is in progress and the compression is enabled, displays the average compression ratio for the current media. The ratio is obtained by dividing the size of the uncompressed data by the size of the compressed data written to the media. The ratio of 1.00 means no compression is achieved. The ratio of 1.50 means that every 1,500 bytes of your data take only 1,000 bytes on the media.
Capacity maximum/remaining Displays the maximum capacity and amount of free space available on the current media.

File media

File name Specifies the file media name. If you change this setting, you may need to re-enable Firestreamer-RM after you clicked OK or Apply for the change to take effect. For more information, see File Media.
Browse Allows you to browse through folders to find the file media you want.

Media finalization

Finalize Media Finalizes the current BD-R, HD DVD-R or DVD±R media. This button will not be available if the current media is in use or does not require finalization.


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