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Firestreamer-RM Control Panel - Settings

The Settings tab allows you to change Firestreamer-RM settings.


Media types to use Allows you to specify which types of media Firestreamer-RM may use. IMPORTANT: This control does not affect scheduled Firestreamer-RM Wrapper backups, which have their own media type settings.
Compression Enables or disables data compression. When the compression is enabled, you can store more data on the same media. The Backup utility selects option allows controlling the compression from within the backup software. NOTE: Compressed backups may take longer to complete.
Legacy software support Enables support for the legacy software that detects tape drives by scanning the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP registry key (for example, Microsoft SQL Server Backup). If you change this setting, you have to restart your computer for the change to take effect.
Hardware write and verify Enables verification of data as it is written to the media. This option may be useful to verify unattended backups spanning multiple media, when the standard verification option in the backup software may not work as expected.
IMPORTANT: Your media drive may not support the hardware write-and-verify feature. Enabling this option may result in performance degradation, media write failures or the backup software becoming unresponsive. Normally, you should use the verification option in the backup software instead.
DVD media: When this option is on, the writing speed will be ~0.5x (2 hours per 4.7GB disk) at best.

File media: This option does not apply.


Changes to the encryption settings take effect when Firestreamer-RM connects to a media drive. If you changed any of the below settings, do not forget to click OK or Apply to save your changes. If Firestreamer-RM was connected to a media drive, you also need to either reinsert the media or re-enable Firestreamer-RM.

See also Data Encryption.

Algorithm Displays the encryption algorithm to be used when the current media is overwritten.
Password Displays whether the password is set or not.
Set Opens a dialog box to change the password.
Remember password Remembers the password between system restarts, so you do not have to set it again every time the computer is restarted. IMPORTANT: Even though the password is stored in the registry in an encrypted form, it can be relatively easily recovered. Do not use this option if you encrypt critical data, and there is a chance that your computer may be compromised.


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