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Firestreamer-RM Wrapper - File Media

The File Media page allows you to change the settings related to file media.

Destination Folder Specifies the folder in which the file media will be placed. NOTE: The file media name is generated automatically by the Firestreamer-RM Wrapper. You can override the destination folder and file name for the file media with the Prolog script.
Browse Allows you to browse through folders to find the destination folder you want.
Delete expired *.fsrm files in the destination folder Deletes the files with the .fsrm extension in Destination folder that are older than the specified number of days. Used in conjunction with Maximum file age, days.
Maximum file age, days Specifies the time interval, in days, after which the file media is deleted from Destination folder. Used in conjunction with Delete expired *.fsrm files in the destination folder.


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