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Firestreamer-RM Control Panel - Backup

The Backup tab allows you to enable and disable Firestreamer-RM, open the Backup Utility and prepare ASR diskettes.


When disabled, Firestreamer-RM does not interfere with the media drives connected to your computer. The backup software indicates that there is no medium in Firestreamer-RM Drive. Once enabled, Firestreamer-RM connects to the first drive with compatible media inside and makes it available as a virtual tape drive to other Windows applications. By default, Firestreamer-RM is disabled to allow other software to access your media drives. You need to enable Firestreamer-RM before performing a backup or restore.

Enable Allows Firestreamer-RM to access your media drives.
Disable Prevents Firestreamer-RM from accessing your media drives.
Autoenable Automatically enables and disables Firestreamer-RM when the backup software starts and stops. IMPORTANT: The running applications are tracked by their file names only. The path names are ignored.
Enable on system startup Enables Firestreamer-RM when your computer starts up. This option may be useful, for example, if you use Firestreamer-RM with Microsoft SQL Server Backup. It is OK to keep Firestreamer-RM enabled all the time, unless you have reasons not to do so.

Backup utility

For your convenience, Firestreamer-RM can automatically enable and disable itself whenever the backup software starts and stops. By default, this option is on for the Microsoft Backup Utility (ntbackup.exe) and Microsoft Small Business Server Backup (bkprunner.exe).

File names Specifies the file names of your preferred backup software, separated by colons. The first software in the list can be opened by the Open Backup Utility button. You need to specify the path name for the first file name in the list, unless the path points to a system folder. The default setting is ntbackup.exe,bkprunner.exe.
Open Backup Utility Opens the first software listed in File names via the workaround wrapper. This is one of the preferred ways to open the Microsoft Backup Utility, as the wrapper provides workarounds for some of the Backup Utility's known limitations.


Open Removable Storage Opens Microsoft Removable Storage in the Full View. Note it may take a few minutes for Removable Storage to fully initialize.
Prepare ASR Diskettes Copies Firestreamer-RM files to ASR diskettes.



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