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Release Notes

Version 2.7.1 - Sep 25, 2009

  • ADDED: Workaround for the bug in LG GH22NP20 and GH22LP20 that prevented the DVD writers from being recognized (the firmware affected is at least 1.04 and older).
  • CHANGED: Firestreamer proceeds to use an HDD medium even if another process has open handles to the volume.
  • FIXED: HP StorageWorks RDX are not recognized.

Version 2.7 - Apr 30, 2008

  • FIXED: Installation failure on Microsoft Windows 2000.
  • FIXED: System error on the removal of a recording device.

Version 2.5 - Feb 5, 2008

  • CHANGED: Updated the safety checks and the preparation procedure for HDD media.
  • CHANGED: Enabled the support for fixed hard disk drives by default. The FixedHddBusMask registry setting is no longer used.
  • FIXED: The Firestreamer-RM Control Panel may quit unexpectedly when a folder name (instead of a file name) is entered in the new file medium box.

Version 2.4 - Feb 19, 2007

  • ADDED: Custom timestamps in the backup and media labels.
  • CHANGED: The Firestreamer-RM Wrapper now automatically overwrites the media that contains a failed backup, provided that the Overwrite unrecognized media option is selected. Previously, such media generated the E906 and E917 errors and had to be manually moved to the Free media pool.

Version 2.3 - Aug 28, 2006

  • ADDED: Support for Blu-ray media.
  • ADDED: Experimental support for HD DVD media.
  • ADDED: Support for file media.
  • ADDED: Ability to enable/disable individual types of media.
  • ADDED: Custom prolog and epilog scripts for scheduled backups.
  • ADDED: The Media tab of the Firestreamer-RM Control Panel now displays the label assigned to the current media by Removable Storage.
  • CHANGED: The format of the timestamp automatically added to the backup and media names by the Firestreamer-RM Wrapper has changed from " yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm" to "_yyyymmdd_hhmm".
  • CHANGED: The -BackupAccount command line parameter now sets access permissions for all Removable Storage media pools, not only IBM 3480 ones.

Version 2.2.1 - Feb 20, 2006

  • ADDED: Ability to cancel a running scheduled backup task.
  • ADDED: Support for non-administrative accounts for scheduled backup tasks.
  • FIXED: Scheduled backup tasks now allow five minutes for the Removable Storage to start up, instead of 10 seconds.

Version 2.2 - Dec 19, 2005

  • ADDED: Easy scheduling with email notifications.
  • ADDED: Support for multiple backup software for the Autoenable feature.
  • ADDED: Tip of the Day.
  • CHANGED: Simplified the layout of the Firestreamer-RM Control Panel.
  • CHANGED: Eliminated the need to manually remove the RECYCLER and System Volume Information folders before using removable disk media with Firestreamer-RM.
  • FIXED: Installation failure when the temporary folder path contains spaces.
  • FIXED: Media recognition issue with the HL-DT-ST GCA 4040N DVD drive.

Version 2.1 - Sep 15, 2005

  • ADDED: Support for 64-bit Microsoft Windows x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T).
  • ADDED: Support for 64-bit Microsoft Windows IA-64 (Intel Itanium).
  • ADDED: Open Removable Storage button on the Backup tab of the Firestreamer-RM Control Panel.
  • ADDED: Extended media drive error reporting in the Activity log.
  • ADDED: Command line parameters: -out and -freespace.
  • FIXED: Write failure with DVD media on certain PC hardware.
  • FIXED: False medium errors reported during the backup verification phase because of other software accessing the media drive locked by Firestreamer-RM.

Version 2.0 - Aug 4, 2005

  • ADDED: Support for removable MMC media (Iomega REV).
  • ADDED: Support for removable disk media (HDD, flash memory etc).
  • ADDED: Data encryption.
  • CHANGED: The product is renamed to Firestreamer-RM (Removable Media).
  • CHANGED: FirestreamerDvd.exe is renamed to FirestreamerRm.exe.

Version 1.6 - May 23, 2005

  • ADDED: Hardware write and verify to verify backups that span multiple drives.
  • ADDED: Workaround wrapper to overcome some of the Microsoft Backup Utility's known issues.
  • ADDED: Launch Backup Utility shortcut in the Firestreamer-DVD program group to launch the Backup Utility via the workaround wrapper.
  • CHANGED: The Launch Backup Utility button on the Backup tab of the Firestreamer-DVD Control Panel is now one of the preferred ways to launch the Backup Utility.
  • FIXED: Write failure with DVD+R on Plextor PX-716A.
  • FIXED: Write failure on Windows 2000 with IEEE-1394 writers on certain PC hardware.
  • FIXED: Third party software that accesses every newly inserted media may prevent Firestreamer-DVD from locking the drive, thus causing a backup that spans multiple media to fail. The new version of Firestreamer-DVD retries the lock attempts for 10 seconds to allow the other software to finish with the drive.

Version 1.5.2 - Apr 10, 2005

  • ADDED: Firestreamer-DVD events are logged even if the Firestreamer-DVD Control Panel is not running.
  • ADDED: The installation package and executable files are digitally signed.
  • FIXED: The restore process might appear to hang when reading data from badly damaged (scratched) media.

Version 1.5.1 - Apr 4, 2005

  • ADDED: Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

Version 1.5 - 28 Mar 2005

  • ADDED: Support for Microsoft SQL Server Backup (SQLBackup).
  • ADDED: Indication of the remaining capacity.
  • IMPORTANT: Due to the Microsoft Backup Utility's limitation, you cannot use Firestreamer-DVD 1.5 or newer to append to the media created with the previous versions of Firestreamer-DVD. The restore from the older media is not affected.

Version 1.4 - Mar 8, 2005

  • ADDED: Backup spanning across an unlimited number of DVD writers.
  • ADDED: Support for the Eject command in Windows Removable Storage.
  • ADDED: Firestreamer-DVD checks for open files on the current DVD disk. If the disk is in use, it is treated as read only.
  • ADDED: The Installer displays a warning message if it detects third party incompatible software.
  • CHANGED: Reduced the time needed to start the backup with unformatted DVD+RW media.

Version 1.3 - Jan 15, 2005

  • FIXED: Some NEC ND-3500AG drives did not use the full capacity of DVD+RW media.

Version 1.2 - Dec 31, 2004

  • CHANGED: Improved compatibility with third-party DVD writing software.

Version 1.1 - Dec 12, 2004

  • ADDED: Support for Windows 2000.
  • ADDED: Support for Plextor PX-708A and others.
  • ADDED: Support for NEC ND-3500AG and others.

Version 1.0 - Oct 30, 2004

  • Initial release.


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