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FAQs - The Backup Utility

This page answers the following frequently asked questions. See also the complete list of FAQs.

How do I use the Backup Utility?

Read more on how to use the Backup Utility.

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Error: "Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy: 80042301".

This problem does not relate to Firestreamer-RM. Try to disable the volume shadow copy option in the Backup Utility settings.

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Error: "The library is unable to load the media because the drive is in use".

The Backup Utility tends to display multiple messages on top of each other. Drag the top message away (do not click Cancel) to see the other one prompting for media. Insert the required media and wait for up to a minute. The messages should automatically disappear.

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Error: "The current user account does not have rights to access the media".

Make sure you are using an administrator account. If you are, then close the Backup Utility and start it again; the problem should go away. Otherwise, you need to set appropriate permissions on Firestreamer-RM and Removable Storage objects.

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Error: "Media is write protected".

Error: "There is no free media available".

This message appears when the Backup Utility is waiting for media. Once the media becomes available, the message automatically disappears.

  • Make sure you select IBM 3480 as the backup type, as opposed to File.
  • Allow up to a minute for the media to be recognized.
  • Make sure you use DVD-RAM or DVD+R/RW media, as opposed to DVD-R/RW.
  • Allow several minutes for blank optical media to be formatted. During this operation, the light on your media drive may not indicate any activity, however, the media is actually being prepared. Please be patient.
  • More...

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Error: "The backup file name could not be used. D:\Backup.bkf Please ensure it is a valid path, and that you have sufficient access".

You are using Firestreamer-RM incorrectly. Please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to back up and restore. In short, you need to select IBM 3480 as the Backup Type, as opposed to File.

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Error: "Invalid command" while appending to media.

You may receive this error while using Firestreamer-DVD 1.5 or newer to append to the media created with Firestreamer-DVD 1.4 or older. The restore from the older media succeeds. This happens due to the Microsoft Backup Utility's limitation. To work around the problem, do not append to the media created with Firestreamer-DVD 1.4 or older. Please note that your ability to restore older backups is not affected.

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Error: "The device reported an error on a request to MS_UpdateNtmsOmidInfo. Error reported: 11".
The Backup Utility is unable to recognize previously recorded media or indicates that the media is corrupted.

Messages: "Place Media nnn into drive or library unit", "The library is unable to load the media at this time because the drive is in use. Media Name: nnn".

You may receive similar messages during an interactive backup operation, when the first disk is full, and you have inserted the second disk. This happens due to a bug in the Backup Utility, when you have offline media in the Free Pool of Removable Storage. More...

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The Backup Utility appears to hang during a backup or restore.
The Backup Utility displays "Rewinding the tape. Please wait" for more than a minute.

Check Work Queue and Operator Requests in the Full view of Removable Storage. There may be an outstanding operator request prompting for new media. Just insert the required media and the process will continue.

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The Backup Utility's log file contains "The requested media failed to mount. The operation was aborted".

Most likely, the size of your backup exceeds the media capacity. You need to either reduce the backup size (you can exclude some folders in NTBackup settings) or use multiple pieces of media per backup. In the latter case, enable the Enable media spanning and Prompt for additional media options of the Firestreamer-RM Wrapper.

See also the following articles.

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