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How To Restore

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Performing a Restore

To perform an interactive restore with the Microsoft Backup Utility from Firestreamer-RM, follow the same procedure as you would with a physical stand-alone tape drive. From the Backup Utility's point of view, Firestreamer-RM is a tape drive, and pieces of Firestreamer-RM media (BD, DVD, HDD, Iomega REV etc.) are tape cartridges. Note that Firestreamer-RM media is listed under IBM 3480, not File.

To perform a restore, follow the steps below.

  1. Remove all media from your media drives.
  2. Open the Microsoft Backup Utility by one of the following preferred methods:
    • Click Start, point to Programs, point to Firestreamer-RM, and then click Open Backup Utility, or
    • Open the Firestreamer-RM Control Panel, click the Backup tab, and then click Open Backup Utility.
  3. Once opened, the Backup Utility displays the Backup or Restore Wizard window. Click Next to skip the Welcome page. If you are an experienced user, you may want to click Advanced Mode.

  4. On the Backup or Restore page, click Restore files and settings, and then click Next.

  5. Click IBM 3480 on the left pane of the What to Restore page.

  6. Double-click the label of the media you want to restore from.

  7. Select the files and folders you want to restore, and then click Next.

  8. On the Completing the Wizard page, click Advanced.

  9. On the Where to Restore page, select a destination for the restored files and folders. Normally, you select Original location. For testing purposes, you may want to select Alternate location. Click Next.

  10. On the How to Restore page, choose how you want to restore files that are already on your computer. Click Next.

  11. On the Advanced Restore Options page, you can choose to restore security or special system files. Click Next.

  12. On the Completing the Wizard page, click Finish to start the restore.

  13. You will be prompted to insert media as needed (see Adding Media below).
  14. Once the restore is complete, click Close to exit the Backup Utility.

  15. Remove the backup media from the media drive.

Adding Media

To avoid confusion, make sure only a single drive has a piece of compatible media inserted during a restore operation. You do not need to specify the drive letter of your media drive, as Firestreamer-RM connects to the first available drive with compatible media inside.

When the Backup Utility prompts for media, insert the appropriate piece media into your media drive. Before clicking any buttons on the Backup Utility's prompts, wait until the drive finishes the media recognition process, which may take up to a minute. The prompts automatically disappear once the media is recognized, provided you have the correct piece of media in your drive.


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