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FAQs - Backup and Restore

This page answers the following questions. See also the complete list of FAQs.

I cannot eject media from my media drive

Firestreamer-RM may lock the media in your media drive on behalf of the Backup Utility during write operations.

  • Make sure you closed the Backup Utility. Note that the ntbackup.exe process may be running invisibly in the background.
  • Allow up to several minutes for optical media to be finalized at the end of the backup.
  • If the media is still locked, disable Firestreamer-RM to disconnect it from the drive.

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How do I create a backup that spans multiple media?

When the current media is full, the Backup Utility prompts for additional media. Do not click Cancel, just insert a new piece of media into your media drive and wait for up to a minute. Once the new media is recognized, the Backup Utility may ask for a confirmation before using the media. Click Yes to resume the backup.

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How do I restore a backup that spans multiple media?

When the current media is processed, the Backup Utility may display several messages prompting for the next media. The messages may be placed on top of each other, or even beneath the Backup Progress window, so you may need to drag the top window away to see the next one. Do not click any buttons (Cancel, Complete or Refuse), just insert the required piece of media into your media drive and wait for up to a minute. Once the media is recognized, the messages automatically disappear and the restore process continues.

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How do I schedule a backup that spans multiple media drives?

When the current media is full, the Backup Utility ejects the media from the drive. This causes Firestreamer-RM to disconnect from the current media drive and connect to another drive with compatible media inside. If the new media is prepared, it is automatically picked up by the Backup Utility and the backup operation continues. More...

Automatic spanning across multiple media drives during the restore operation is not supported.

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Can I use Firestreamer-RM with a remote media drive?

Yes, you can. See Remote Media Drives.

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I am having troubles running scheduled backups.

During restore, the Backup Utility does not display any files or folders for the current media.

This usually happens after you reinstalled the operating system, or if the media was recorded on another computer. Switch the Backup Utility into the Advanced mode, click the Restore and Manage Media tab, right-click the currently inserted media, and then click Catalog. You may also need to double-click the folders marked with a question mark to have them cataloged, too.

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Why .exe, .dll and other system files are not backed up?

The Backup Utility does not back up the system files protected with Windows File Protection, unless you select to back up System State or All information on this computer.

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The activity log of the Firestreamer-RM Control Panel indicates that the media contains unknown data or is not prepared.

Can I change the recording speed?

Changing of the recording speed is not currently supported. Firestreamer-RM configures your media drive to use the optimal read/write speed for the current media. However, you may experience problems with writing to low quality unbranded media that may be marked with a higher recording speed than it can sustain.

NOTE: Compressed and or encrypted backups may take longer to complete.

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Why is the compression ratio low?

The compression ratio depends on the type of data you are backing up. If the data is already compressed (for example, .zip, .cab, .jpg and .mp3 files) or does not compress well (for example, encrypted files), Firestreamer-RM will not be able to compress the data any further. As an indication, the compression ratio of 1.4-1.5 is pretty good.

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