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Upgrading from Firestreamer 3.x

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If you are upgrading from Firestreamer 3.x, note that the software was completely redesigned. Please familiarize yourself with this manual before proceeding.

The new version of Firestreamer differs from version 3.x in the following ways:

  • The new version is completely independent of and can be installed side-by-side with version 3.x. You can continue using the older version to ensure a smooth transition to new Firestreamer. You can use your current license key with the new version of the software.
  • Firestreamer does not automatically connect to media drives anymore, and the setting that was used to selectively enable media types has been removed. Instead, you specify the media that Firestreamer will use by loading the required media into a tape library.
  • The built-in data encryption feature has been removed. Most of the existing tape backup software products provide their own encryption. It would also be inconvenient to manage encryption settings at the tape library level. If you have your data encrypted with a previous version of Firestreamer, you may want to keep the older version installed until all encrypted backups expire.
  • The setting that was used to enable and disable Firestreamer has been removed. Firestreamer does not access the media drives unless instructed to do so by the backup software.

The drive media created with Firestreamer 3.x are directly compatible with the new version of the software. All such media will have empty bar codes.

To use a Firestreamer 3.x file medium with the new version of the software, follow the steps below:

  1. If necessary, rename your file medium to make the file name compliant with the new requirements. For more information, see File Media.
  2. In the initial media layout, specify - (the minus sign) as the medium's bar code. Otherwise, your tape may be marked as suspect by your backup software. For more information, see Bar Codes.


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