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If you are having troubles with Firestreamer, check the following locations for any error or warning messages:

  • The Activity view of the Firestreamer Snap-in.
  • Windows Event Log. Note that Firestreamer writes messages to the Application log under the FsHelperSvc source.
  • The list of notifications (alerts) in your backup software.
  • The event log of your backup software.


  • If you are confused about Firestreamer, ask yourself how a physical tape library would behave in the given circumstances. Firestreamer should perform in the same way.
  • If your backup software reported an error, but Firestreamer did not, then the problem is most likely not related to Firestreamer. This is because Firestreamer reports all error conditions in its Activity log, so the lack of error messages means that everything was OK from Firestreamer's standpoint.
  • Remember that Firestreamer is a mere tape library. It has no knowledge about what kind of data is written to tape. Neither does it know anything about your backup software.
  • Firestreamer may generate more than one message for the same error condition. For example, E016 Unable to open the medium is usually followed by E025 Unable to insert the medium into a tape drive. To troubleshoot multiple error messages, resolve the issue which was reported first, and then retry the failed operation to see if subsequent errors went away.

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