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Drive Media - Optical Media (BD, HD DVD and DVD)

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If you use optical drive media, note the following:

  • Always use high-quality branded media recommended by the drive manufacturer.
  • You do not need to format optical media before using it with Firestreamer.
  • Initialization of a blank optical medium may take up to a few minutes at the beginning and the end of a backup.
  • If you have not used Firestreamer before, try rewritable media first. If something goes wrong, you will not be able to reuse ±R write-once media.
  • Recorded BD-R, HD DVD-R and DVD±R write-once media are not compatible with read-only (ROM) drives because Firestreamer does not finalize the discs. You have to use a writer drive to restore from such media.
  • You can only append to ±R write-once media; you cannot overwrite previous backups.
  • Rewritable DVD+RW media can sustain only a limited number of writes. To avoid data corruption, discard DVD+RW media after several overwrite cycles. Consider using DVD-RAM, BD or HD DVD instead, which are much more reliable.
  • We recommend that you enable data verification in your backup software when performing backups to DVD+RW.
  • Firestreamer does not support DVD-R/RW. Use DVD+R/RW or DVD-RAM instead.
  • Do not be confused by the RW logo on DVD+R media, as this type of media is not rewritable.
  • Make sure the speed rating of the media matches the speed of your drive.


If you are getting errors with an optical media drive, try any of the following methods to resolve the issue:

  • Upgrade the firmware of your media drive. Visit the drive manufacturer's website for an updated version of the firmware.
  • Try different brands of media.
  • Replace the media drive.
  • Disable incompatible software.


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