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Firestreamer Snap-in - Create File Media Form

The Create File Media form allows you to create and add file media to the media layout in the Media Layout Editor. The form ensures that the created file media are accessible and assigned unique bar codes. To open the form, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Media Layout Editor.
  2. Click the Media menu, and then click Create and Add File Media.

The form contains the following controls:

The number of file media to create Specifies the number of file media to be created. This number cannot exceed the number of storage slots in the library.
Create in Specifies the full path to the directory where the file media will be created. If you provided a path that contains a mapped drive letter, the form will attempt to convert the path to a UNC path. For more information, see File Media.
Browse Allows you to browse through folders to find the Create In directory you want.
Bar code prefix Specifies the bar code prefix for the created file media. You cannot modify the default fixed portion of the prefix, but you can append to it up to the maximum allowed length. For more information, see Bar Codes.

To use the form, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the number of file media you wish to create.
  2. Specify the destination directory.
  3. If needed, modify the bar code prefix. In most cases, you will want to leave the prefix unchanged.
  4. Click OK.


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