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Common Tasks

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The following sections outline some common tasks performed with Firestreamer.

Loading and Unloading Media

You can unload the current media from and load new media into a tape library by applying a new initial media layout. This can be done in the Media view of the Firestreamer Snap-in either with the Media Layout Editor, or by loading an existing media map file. You can unload all media from a library by applying an empty media layout.

Viewing the Initial and Current Media Layouts

You can view the initial and current media layouts in the Media view and the Current State view of the Firestreamer Snap-in, respectively.

Finding Out a Medium's Bar Code

See Bar Codes.

Changing Firestreamer Settings

You can change Firestreamer settings by using the Properties form.

Changing the Number of Libraries, Tape Drives and/or Storage Slots

See Advanced Configuration.

Using Firestreamer under a Non-administrative Account

To use Firestreamer under a non-administrative account, you need to adjust the permissions for Firestreamer by using the Permissions form.

Installing a License Key

You can install your license key by using the License Key form.


See Troubleshooting.


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