file recovery from FSRM

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file recovery from FSRM

Post by alim » 12 May 2014, 20:07

?Good afternoon. I have a bunch of files with extension of FSRM. I was told that these FSRM files are backups of servers. Online research pointed me to your website as a possible software that created these files.

I need some assistance. I installed Firestreamer on my computer and can load the FSMAP file. After loading, I can see 150 storage slots. How do I see the contents of these storage slots and how do I extract specific files contained within these storage slots?

Thank you.

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Re: file recovery from FSRM

Post by jsf » 12 May 2014, 20:27

Firestreamer does not back up or restore, backup software does. Each FSRM file is a virtual tape. I guess that your FSRM files were created with Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM). it may not be the case though. If it's DPM, then the easiest way is to load all tapes into Firestreamer (via the FSMAP file as you did, or directly). Then you need to launch the DPM console and perform a recovery from there. Please refer to the DPM documentation. If DPM needs some tape which is not loaded, it will display an alert prompting you to load the required tape.
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