DVD+R DL, Blank, Unusable

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I just installed a TS-L632D into a poweredge 1950 server after getting by with using a personal external USB burner. The Backups on a single DVD+R worked like a charm, and no issues. Tonights backup uses a dual layer, and was getting messages that something was wrong. I log into the server, and find in the log,
Medium inserted - DVD+R DL, blank, unusable (D:)
I went, and installed imgburn (Now this was installed after discovering this issue, thinking the drive I just bought was not DL capable or something), and it states it is DVD+R DL capable
The Full Device info from ImgBurn is TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TL-L632D DE04 (D:) (ATA)
I don't know if this is Drive/Media/Firemware/Cristalink unsupported/or something else.

Attached is the device info from ImgBurn

Any suggestions?
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Are you sure you use DVD+ (plus), not DVD- (minus)? If yes, please create a diagnostic log file (without imgburn) and email it to us.
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