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ASR.SIF file command reference...??

Posted: 22 Mar 2011, 22:33
by spinjector

I downloaded Firestreamer-RM hoping it might help with something I'm trying to do at the small company I work for, but it doesn't really address the situation I'm in.

I have a Windows 2003 server with a RAID-5 array that was improperly configured when it was created. In order to fix it, I need to backup/delete/recreate/restore the entire array, including the system partition. I've been experimenting on a test-machine, and it's been an education in Ntbackup and hacking ASR files & Windows Setup, the latter of which I am already good with.

The reason for this message is a simple question I'm hoping you can help me with, since you seem to be the only vendor on the entire internet that's written any utilities that work with NTBackup & ASR...

Could you possibly point me to documentation of the sections in the ASR.SIF file...?

I've been searching Google for days now, and I've only found small slivers of information.


Re: ASR.SIF file command reference...??

Posted: 22 Mar 2011, 23:36
by jsf
We don't have any documentation on ASR.SIF. We used a trial and error approach to find out the meaning on some of its sections. What we found is in Firestreamer-RM's code, not in a text document, and is unlikely to help you anyway. I am sorry we cannot be more helpful.

Re: ASR.SIF file command reference...??

Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 17:04
by spinjector
I understand. Thank you.