Esata Configuration

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Esata Configuration

Post by wsasser » 17 Sep 2014, 21:27

We are looking at running a Four-disk Tray
- are there any limitations on using two Four-port ESATA PCI Xpress cards
- We would use a 4-Disk SATA tray with 4 Esata Connections. Two Connections in each card to maximize throughputs.

1) Are there any Esata Cards/Hardware that we should avoid.
2) Are there any SATA Drive Trays that we should avoid/embrace.

What have YOU seen that works seamless with Firestreamer 4.0.1

Thank you for your response,

Will Sasser

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Re: Esata Configuration

Post by jsf » 17 Sep 2014, 21:37

I can only repeat what was said in What hardware do you recommend for use with Firestreamer? We cannot recommend any particular hardware. The same hardware may misbehave with older drivers but work fine with newer one. We also often saw newer drivers breaking the hardware that used to work fine.

There are no limitations in respect of the storage interface.
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John Smith
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