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Re: Firestreamer Automation: Sample Script

Post by jsf » 28 Dec 2012, 19:54

Below is one of many ways to implement what you are trying to achieve.

  1. You have only one virtual tape library configured.
  2. Normally, all backups go to the local RAID array. It means that the tape library normally contains only the tapes located on the RAID array.
  3. Once a month, you connect an external HDD.
  4. Your script detects the newly connected drive, loads tapes from it, initiates a full backup, and when the backup finishes, reloads tapes from the RAID array.
  5. You disconnect the external HDD until the next month.
Your script:
  1. Detects that an external HDD for a monthly backup is connected (for example, by checking if MonthlyBackup.fsmap exists on the drive).
  2. If necessary, deletes expired tapes from the external HDD and creates new tapes.
  3. Saves the current media layout (i.e. the list of currently loaded RAID tapes) to a temporary file.
  4. Unloads all current tapes and loads new tapes from the external HDD.
  5. Initiates a full backup in DPM and waits for the backup to finish.
  6. Unloads all current tapes and loads the saved media layout.
The above is just an example. Your actual script will have to do whatever you want it to do. Refer to Automation and to the sample script attached to this topic.
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